Welcome to my website!

My portfolio

Hi, my name is Carly and this is my first time ever coding a website. This page's purpose is for me to display the work that I create during my Web Design and Development course.

Here is a link to my portfolio:

About me!

Photograph of Carly, a white female with dark hair and brown eyes, sitting in a car smiling at the camera. She is wearing a cream colored top and shorts. She is sitting in a parking lot, and the car seat and car windows are in the background.

I am a second semester junior from New Jersey, and I am pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies. Some of my hobbies are reading, concerts and going to the beach. I am excited to learn more about coding and the aspects that go into creating a website from scratch!

My favorite artists!

I love listening to music, so I linked a couple of my favorite musicians below!


I am looking forward to adding more work and customizing this site to my liking throughout the semester!